Westchester Parent Coordination
Additional Web Resources
While Westchester Parent Coordination does not endorse any
specific program or any organization, there are many available
valuable resources that can be located on the web.  A few of
them are listed here and are periodically updated.

•        Child Centered Solutions: Child-centered Solutions (on line
discussions, blog)

  Collaborative Divorce: Collaborative Divorce (resource for and
from collaborative attorneys)

 Divorcesource.com: Divorce Source (run by lawyers; resources
for every state)

  Making Two Homes Work: Making Two Homes Work (on line
parent education)

 Millennium Divorce: Millenium Divorce (divorce information from

  Parenting Coordination Central: PC Central ( more about
parent coordination)

 Shared Parenting Information Group: SPIG(it’s British, but lots
of relevant information)

 Thrive After Divorce: Thrive After Divorce(not so much co-
parenting but about finding a direction for yourself after divorce)

 Effective Parenting During Separation and Divorce: Two
Families Now   (Parents can use this educational resource consisting
of 4 modules and 20 excellent videos that model appropriate
interactions to learn skills to build strong relationships with their
children and co-parents. Each skill is presented with a video and a
printable summary.  It costs $29. but is definitely worth the price.  It is
endorsed by AFCC and the certificate of completion might be
acceptable to judges who require parents to take a parenting course).