Westchester Parent Coordination
Books and other Resources for Parents
There are many resources available to parents who are divorcing,
among them books, websites, films, and support groups.  The
following are some links to helpful Internet sites:  

Stepfamily Network
This site (Stepfamily Network) is designed for stepfamilies and claims
to be the most visited such site on the web.  It is worthwhile because
there is a great deal of feedback from families and a good amount of

The Intelligent Divorce
Dr. Mark Banschick has created a helpful site in which his book ("The
Intelligent Divorce"), his blog posts, and many other helpful links are
available.  He also offers an on-line parenting course at a relatively
low cost which can help divorcing parents caught up in hostile

Divorce Net
Divorce Net is an excellent site with much valuable general information
about divorcing and parenting.  It also has links to specific states,
with family law information, news and community resources.

Our Family Wizard
This excellent site provides a service to parents who share custody
and can communicate using the internet.  It has a wide range of aids
to families including calendars, ways of sharing information and a
myriad of links to help you in the co-parenting process.

Shared Ground
This is a site where you can purchase software to organize visitation
for shared parenting arrangements.  They offer a very effective
"shared parenting calendar."

Help Guide: Co-parenting
Part of the general site "HelpGuide", a non-commercial site for advice
and guidance for mental health matters, this is a very good summary
of the issues that arise in co-parenting.

Resources for Kids Facing Divorce
This is an extremely comprehensive site, called My Divorce, created by
a group of matrimonial lawyers in Florida.  While some of the legal
information is specific to that state, the overall site (dedicated to
"knowledge is power") addresses multiple aspects of the process and
has a strong focus on the emotional impact on children.  Well worth
giving it a look.

There are three books I suggest for divorcing parents that I refer to as
"required reading."  Both parents should take time to read each of them:

The Co-Parenting Survival Guide
                    by Elizabeth Thayer and Jeffrey Zimmerman
Mom’s House, Dad’s House
                    by Isolina Ricci
Parenting after Divorce
                    by Philip Stahl

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