Elliott J. Rosen, Ed.D., L.M.F.T.
Westchester Parent Coordination (WPC) is a service founded and
directed by Elliott J. Rosen, Ed.D., L.M.F.T., former Director of
Family Institute of Westchester, located in White Plains, New
York.  Dr. Rosen is a trained and experienced parent coordinator
who can offer parents support as they navigate the difficult
terrain of nurturing their children after divorce.
These are some of the things that the Parent Coordinator
can do for you...

  • Serve as a facilitator of communication between parents.
  • Guide and educate parents in identifying the sources of
    conflict between them and help them to address and
    resolve them.
  • Serve in a facilitator role between parents and others in the
    child’s life, such as grandparents and other extended family
  • Contact therapists, school personnel, and others to gain
    information about a child’s functioning as well as helping to
    provide a bridge for parental communication with such
    persons when appropriate.
  • Mediate with parents around issues that have created
    conflict.  This may be at the request of either or both
    parents or at the discretion of the PC when it is clear that
    such intervention is necessary.     
  • Arbitrate, when necessary, in circumstances where parents
    are unable to resolve their disputes.  (Parents who take
    part in a parenting coordination process should understand
    that there may arise circumstances when, if they are unable
    to reach a mutually satisfactory decision, the PC will be
    compelled to make such decisions for them.  (Parents, of
    course, have the discretion to not have a PC fulfill this
    role.)  At all times, of course, parents can choose to
    withdraw from the process.  In instances when their
    participation has been stipulated in their divorce
    agreement  they may need to  obtain the court’s
    permission to withdraw.
Westchester Parent Coordination
How are PC's assigned or chosen?

  • Parents can, if they choose, mutually decide to retain a PC.
  • Custody stipulations may include the assignment of a PC
    to aid parents who share custody and decision-making.
  • Parties' lawyers may encourage them to include a PC in
    their agreement to assure that an objective party continue
    to guide them in the parenting of their children.
  • Judges may ask that parents accept the assignment of a
    PC in their agreement if they have demonstrated that they
    have had conflict in their parenting and decision making.
  • Law guardians may encourage parents, lawyers, or judges
    that a PC would fulfill an important role in guiding parents
Elliott J. Rosen